Self-care can quickly turn into creating an insta-worthy experience without actually being present to enjoy it. It can turn into buying the latest wellness fads, consuming the newest trends, and doing what we think we *should* be doing to care for ourselves. All of these things are great if they feel nourishing, but the whole concept of self-care has been a bit obscured and marketed towards those with privilege in the wellness world. I want to remind you that caring for yourself can be FREE, easily accessible, personal, and supportive for your unique needs and desires.

Here are just 10 of many self-care ideas that we can all try, practice, and implement as they feel nourishing and supportive for us:

1. Go for a walk outside, even if it’s a quick stroll around the block. If you aren’t able to walk, getting out into nature and just sitting can be incredibly grounding.

2. Practice Morning Pages – an exercise developed to access our inner creativity, curiosity, and wisdom. Simply write for 5-10 minutes in the morning, without editing or thinking too much or even re-reading– see what comes up.

3. Prepare your favorite meal with presence. Notice the textures, the sounds that arise as you cook, the smells that fill the room.

4. Call a loved one and connect. Even better, schedule a tea date with someone you haven’t been able to see in a while. Connection is healing.

5. Create a playlist that makes you feel soothed, calm, and inspired. Music has profound benefits for our well-being.

6. Check out @adrienelouise yoga videos and try out a practice that resonates with you. Her offerings are free, inclusive, and good for the soul.

7. Practice saying no. The more we can listen and respond to our own needs, the stronger our boundaries become, which creates more balance in our lives.

8. Make a collage without expectations of how it looks. The process of creating is so freeing.

9. Use @headspace or @insight to practice meditation. Sitting with ourselves and learning to observe our thoughts without judgment is radical self-care.

10. Create a mantra that can be used during moments of challenge. Write it down and read when needed.


Self-Care doesn’t have to be completed, pretty, or trendy. When we slow down enough to listen to what we are needing in any given moment and find ways to act on that need, we offer ourselves the opportunity to approach self-care from a personalized and unique place that works for us. I hope you find these ideas helpful and nourishing.